We provide complete solar projects that provide continuous energy for industrial applications by integrating cutting-edge technologies into high-performance systems.

Load assessment

One of the challenges implementing solar is to assess the energy requirements.

We perform this assessment with our exclusive solar software. Over a decade of experience, condensed in tailor-made software enables our engineers to support your project. Simulating different system options and optimising solar power with generator, inverter and storage to match your load and load profile.

Independent energy working on load assessment

Our engineers perform technical and financial analysis based on your input.

Solutions based on your needs.

Independent Energy Hytron Solar Hybrid systems

Independent Energy developed its key control system under its brand name Hytron.

Prioritising the use of solar over diesel, minimising fuel consumption.

Implementing Independent Energy’s Hytron eliminates the human factor, and maximizes your savings.

Independent Energy Hytron Solar Hybrid systems

Adding solar power to a diesel powered system is simple if you know how!

Independent Energy’s Hybrid system ensures optimal performance of one or more diesel generators, solar power plant and battery / inverter system and yes, on time, within budget, without surprises!

In short we named our hybrid solution Hytron. Hytron, why settle for anything less?

Containerised systems and solar roofs

Independent Energy offers a full range of add-on solar roofs. Designed to withstand the harshest conditions and easy to install on an existing container.

The add-on solar roof is available for 4, 8, 10, 20 and 40 ft standard shipping containers as well as reefer containers

The add-on solar roof is also available to go with our containerised power systems. Adding additional solar power and shielding the container from direct solar heating thus providing passive cooling to the system and components.

Containerised systems and solar roofs

Some user highlights:

The ease of installation””

“exceptionally simple and quick to install”.

“the ideal solution for rapid deployment and permanent systems”.

Large scale solar power plants

Independent Energy project supports from start to finish.

Large scale solar power plants

With the growing need for energy in Africa, and increasing fuel prices solar power plants are a must

With our experience on the African continent our experienced engineers are at your service. Taking all factors into consideration we design and supply the perfect solution.

Power distribution and control

System integration for all the various components in a power distribution system is key in large scale power

Industrial quality, power distribution and control units. Our manufacturing team produces custom distribution panels while being able to ensure the highest quality.

No system panel leaves our factory without completing a thorough Factory Acceptance Test (FAT).

Power distribution and control system

Independent Energy Power distribution and Control

Prepared for solar integration, Hybrid and custom

Quality and reliability throughout!

solar cooling solution from independent energy

Independent Energy Solar Cooling

The coolest solar solution around!

Solar Cooling

Independent Energy offers a wide range of solar cooling solutions. From a complete coldstore solar solution, to last mile solar containerised cold stores, we supply solar and back up solutions for the whole cold chain.

Wether you need a solution to counter grid failure, or a complete stand-alone solution we have it.

Highly reliable, proven, industrial