Independent Energy is a system integrator and EPC that specializes in backup and autonomous power supply systems. Off-grid solar systems, diesel solar hybrid systems, and large-scale energy storage solutions.

Oil & Gas

Independent Energy provides complete solar power systems ad skids to replace diesel generators or lower fuel consumption.

Challenge our knowledge in case you want to power a wellsite skid, Wellhead Control Panel, injection skid or even an ESP.

Let us surprise you with a valid solar solution to lower Opex and increase reliability of your remote power solutions.

Wellhead Control Panel
large roofs serve as a safe location for solar panels

Agriculture & farming

Agricultural production is directly related to energy. Be it processing or cooling, pumping or milling, solar is suitable to reduce the associated energy costs or providing backup to crucial loads.

Did you know we are deeply involved in fish farming as well? Our systems can lower your running costs and provide backup. Not only resulting in lower energy costs, but a better predictability of the costs of your operation.

In many situations, large roofs are available and can serve as a safe location for solar panels without taking any further space.

Water desalination

In coastal areas where there is a shortage of fresh drinkable water there is always the sea. Desalination can provide much needed drinking water, and our solar systems power the process.

Working with our partners for the desalination technology we can provide a steady source of fresh water. Fresh water powered just by the sun.

Water desalination system

Industrial solar applications

Industrial users require large amounts of energy for their process. In many cases industries relies on a diesel generator either as their main source of power production or as backup when the grid is unreliable. This can increase costs of operation and have a negative effect on profitability.

Independent Energy solar hybrid systems can be used when the loads are very big and there is no reliable grid available. We design the ideal system in order to pay the least amount possible for their energy requirements. In order to this we will do an energy audit to determine the usage profile.

This system will save on the energy while increasing reliability of power supply. We are able to simulate various options to determine what system would be best for you.

Independent Power Producers

Electrification of the African continent is crucial for development and independent power producers play a key role in this. The vastness of Africa can make it difficult to comprehend what a challenge this can be at times.

Our engineers work with power producers to incorporate renewable energy into their power generation.

Do you want to move to Diesel Hybrid power generation and have questions regarding optimisation of solar, reducing fuel consumption let us know!

Independent Power Producers
deployment energy solutions system

Humanitarian aid / Disaster relief

Independent Energy is focussed on autonomous solar systems with rural Africa in mind. We work with NGO’s amongst others UN organisations. We have designed plug & play solutions for easy deployment, or semi mobile use.

We provide professional easy deployment solutions to power first needs in case of disaster such as communications, lighting and cooling.

Ask for our containerised or smaller standardised systems.