Scaling industrial solar

Delivering industrial solar solutions for over a decade.

Independent Energy

is a pedigree system integrator and EPC that specializes in solar hybrid systems, and integrated large-scale energy storage solutions. All designed and manufactured in-house. Optimising systems to ensure reliability, longevity, and robustness. Built to last in demanding environments.

We provide solutions for industrial applications by integrating cutting-edge renewable technologies into high-performance systems.

Performance analysis

Solar diesel hybrid solutions

Solar roofs & containerised systems

Large scale solar plants

Power distribution & control

Solar Cooling


Large Solar Hybrid Power Plant in Somalia

Solar Hybrid Power Plant – Somalia

Multiple well head solar power installation in the desert of egypt/tunesia

Solar Well Head Control systems – Egypt / Tunisia

Solar roof in Rwanda

Solar Backup for Fishfarming – Rwanda

Solar Diesel hybrid system in Djibouti

Solar Diesel Hybrid System – Djibouti

solar system with sunset

Our Vision

In many ways solar is the best alternative to diesel for your power generation. To lower or eliminate your diesel costs and lower costs of operation.

Our Mission

Is simple. Supplying solar power projects  “on time, within budget, without surprises.”

Or, in other words: We specialize in boring projects. Projects with a clear budget, clear planning and a clear, predictable outcome.

We deliver on time

We deliver within budget

We deliver without surprises

And we are AWESOME


Independent Energy is a system integrator that specializes in industrial power supply systems. Off-grid solar systems, diesel solar hybrid systems, and large-scale energy storage solutions.

Oil & Gas

Independent Energy provides complete solar power systems ad skids to replace diesel generators or lower fuel consumption.

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Agriculture & farming

Agricultural production is directly related to energy. Be it processing or cooling, pumping or milling, solar is suitable to reduce the associated energy costs or providing backup to crucial loads.

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Water desalination

In coastal areas where there is a shortage of fresh drinkable water there is always the sea. Desalination can provide much needed drinking water, and our solar systems power the process.

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Industrial solar applications

Industrial users require large amounts of energy for their process. Independent Energy solar hybrid systems can be used when the loads are very big and there is no reliable grid available.

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Independent power producers

Our engineers work with power producers to incorporate renewable energy into their power generation.

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Humanitarian aid / Disaster relief

We work with NGO’s amongst others UN organisations. We have designed plug & play solutions for easy deployment, or semi mobile use.

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